Patch Policy

Patch Adopted September 1999

  Our department patch depicts the Seal of St. Francois County in gold and blue on a dark brown background.  It is worn on the left shoulder only. 

Many people collect law enforcement shoulder patches.  We receive many requests for our shoulder patch, as well as offers to purchase it.  We are not permitted to sell the patches however we can accommodate the requests of a few collectors.  Because of expense and the fact that we do not wish to have patches traded, we will send only one patch per collector. 

To receive a patch, a collector must meet certain requirements. 

If you are a law enforcement officer you must make your request on official law enforcement stationery, not a photocopy of the stationery or send a photocopy of your law enforcement identification or similar documents. 

If you are not a law enforcement officer, you must send a written endorsement from a law enforcement agency verifying that the shoulder patch will be used for display purposes only. 

Please forward requests to: 

Community Policing Officer 
St. Francois County Sheriff's Dept. 
1550 Doubet Road 
Farmington, Missouri   63640 

We believe that this policy will enable more people to obtain our shoulder patch, yet maintain the dignity with which it is worn.

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