The Other Side of Law Enforcement
Jail Ministry
Law enforcement is not all cuff 'em and stuff 'em.  We're dealing with all types of crimes, criminals and illegal acts.  These affect the offender, victim, officer and society as a whole.  Sometime we overlook the common denominator, people, individuals, human beings that, in some way or another, need our help.  People have problems, people hurt.  Violence can be a way of expressing that hurt.  Drugs and alcohol can change a very beautiful individual into a predator.  Money, marriage and children are just a few examples of life's situtions that can break a person and put them over the edge.  Then there are people who just don't care.  Officers must deal with these individuals on a daily bases.  We try to assist both the officer, the offender and the victim in starting or returning to a life full of joy as it should be.  We look at the heart.  You have to start somewhere.

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