The St. Francois County Marijuana eradication program began in earnest in 1992


Before 1992 we had a re-active approach to the cultivation of marijuana, deputies waited until a farmer or hunter located plants and then remove them if no suspects were readily available.

After 1992, we adopted a pro-active style of eradication by following up on suspicious trespassing calls, searching remote areas with access to water, utilizing a
1-800-BAD-WEED hotline in conjunction with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and doing aerial searches from helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.

We have received equipment, manpower and weapons through federal grants, with no cost to the department.  There have been undercover operations on the street for years with limited success.  Our success is due in part because Marijuana growers have been forced to change their methods.  Through our efforts growers have gone from large crops in remote areas to small patches to indoor operations where they have to supply their own light, water and soil.  This gets into their pockets and makes deniability very difficult with plants in their residence.

While our task force still works on street level sales, our team works on the source.

Our motto,  "If it's in the shirt it belongs to the task force.   If it's in the dirt it's the responsibility of the St. Francois County Sheriff's Department Cannabis Eradication Team".

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