The St. Francois County D.A.R.E. Program
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The St. Francois County D.A.R.E. Program is geared toward different grades and age groups.

 The core fifth grade program reaches children when they are most receptive.  As they begin forming their ideas and opinions about drug abuse, the program provides them information; allowing them to make informed, intelligent decisions about drugs and violence, and the peer, social, and media influences that directly affect such decisions.

The middle school program is geared toward seventh grade students.  These young teenagers are now experiencing a period in their lives in which they have more freedom, opportunity, and exposure.  Decisions are made at this time in their lives that will effect them for many years to come.  The middle school curriculum provides both drug resistance information, as well as character development lessons.
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Deputy Carver spends a great deal of time with his students.  Eating lunch with them and playing on the playground.  Participating in special events at school as well as after school, a special bond develops , and a mutual respect and friendship soon form.  Deputy Carver is a wonderful resource for the students.  He also provides many services for the community, often being asked to provide information to area educators, civic organizations and parents. 

The curriculum is carefully controlled, and includes lessons such as, Understanding the Effects of Drugs,  Considering Consequences, Changing Beliefs About Drug Use, Learning Resistance Techniques, Building Self-esteem, Assertiveness, Managing Stress, Reducing Violence, Media Influences, Making Good Decisions, Positive Alternatives, and Role Models, Resisting Gang Violence, Respect, Responsibility, and Good Citizenship.
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These lessons target drug resistance, but also build good citizenship and values.  D.A.R.E.  provides a positive role model  and reinforces values and ethics.  The St. Francois County Sheriff's Department D.A.R.E. program is a vital weapon in our war on drugs, and an important link with our community.

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